Our story

Our love story

Gadgets with Benefits was established in order to change the way people (specifically women) relate to sex accessories and intimate toys. We offer you a new notion of self satisfaction, one which is based on exploration of your magnificent human figure, throughout each pore and each secret place. It is time to stop being secretive about you sensual desires and take matters into both loving hands.

Touch of cutting edge technology

We're working with several artist groups, located in Hong Kong, Beijing and United States. All of our artists are professional and have years of experience with expertise in a specific medium and style. All groups comply with ILO policies and international law of labor. Every artwork we create is completely handmade and hand painted. Our quality control team is inspecting and making sure the quality and appearance of each every artwork will always keep at top level.

Let’s talk sex baby!

That`s right, sex is awesome, so why not be open about it? The more you know your body, the more you would enjoy it, appreciate it and empower yourself all together. The best part of it all, is that you get to be acquainted with your inner desires with no boundaries, no hesitation, and with bundles of fun. Naturally, all of our quality products are meant to be used for your sexual enjoyment, exclusively or with your partner. No limits, and no holding back.

We invite you to be open about your sexuality and fulfill your personal experience, just as you want it to be, comfortably, pleasantly and to the max.

Ready to take your sex life onto the next pleasure?