6 Embarrassing sex toy stories you can learn from

When sex toys come to mind, they’re usually associated with pleasure and fun. However, sometimes a vibrator stumbles into inexperienced hands and embarrassment ensues. You may already know how to use a vibrator, but today we’re going to delve into six horribly embarrassing sex toy mishaps. You’ll cringe, you’ll laugh and most of all you’ll learn it’s important to handle a sex toy in a responsible manner.

The Handcuff Hang Up

Robert Smith wasn’t just a good boyfriend, but also a great roommate. In an effort to score some kinky time with his girlfriend, he lent his car out to his roommate and sent him away for a few hours. Whilst having sex with his girlfriend, he decided to bust out his favorite love toy, a classic pair of handcuffs. It wasn’t a minute after she was cuffed to the bed that he realized that the key to the handcuffs was attached to the same keychain as his car keys. For several hours his girlfriend was strapped to his bed. While something like this may look like a deal breaker, you’ll be happy to know that Robert and his girlfriend are now engaged to be married.

Use With Care

Sometimes people can get a little out of hand with their sex toys. Christina was gifted a pair of vibrating love balls. She and a female lover couldn’t wait to put these balls to use. That said, she pulled them out of herself just a little too roughly and the cord ripped leaving one ball lodged inside of her.
Christina found herself with a love ball lodged inside of herself that was the size of a golfball. Trying to ease an already embarrassing situation, she decided to avoid going to the hospital by forcing her friend to help with the removal. This resulted in her getting lubed up with cooking oil and having her friend fist her and then trying to grip the ball. The ball eventually came out, but it didn’t happen without Christina and her lover walking away traumatized.

Wash Before Use

Jimmy was 16-years-old and just discovering his sexuality. It was also during this time that he learned one of life’s hardest lessons. On one fateful day, the blooming teen stayed home from school and began rummaging through his parent’s room. After opening some drawers, he came across his mother’s rabbit vibrator. As that purple wonder looked up at him and he knew he had to try it out.
Without washing it first, Jimmy began taking himself on the wildest ride of his life. By the time he was done, he felt like he had discovered a pleasure mine in his own home. Sometime later, he would discover that he had a horrible case of anal herpes. Imagine having to tell that story to your parents, doctor and even future lovers.

Make Sure The Toy Works 

Darrel’s story goes back over a decade ago. His friend has purchased a defective pocket pussy and without checking it out, immediately began putting it to use. The suction of this pocket pussy somehow got stuck to his penis. Concern soon turned to panic as his friend dialed Darrel and pleaded with him for urgent help. He stated that he was the only person close by that he could trust.
Darrel recalls walking into his friend’s house and seeing him standing there with nothing but a towel on. He removed it and reveal the pink pocket pussy attached to his penis. Of course, Darrell couldn’t help but laugh for ten minutes. Once things got serious, they tried multiple methods of removal. Ice and lube were both used, but the pocket pussy was relentless. Darrel eventually had to take out a razor and slice the pocket pussy off of him.

Fun With A Suction Cup

Beth had gotten a new suction cup dildo and amidst her excitement, she found herself sticking it on every flat surface wall in her apartment. Things quickly took a scary turn when she stuck the dildo on her bathroom’s tiled wall. Upon removing the dildo the tile went with it. One tile doesn’t seem so bad, but the removal of that tile caused a chain reaction that saw all her bathroom tiles rain down off the wall.
She had to face her landlord about this, but she wasn’t about to tell him about a mishap involving a suction cup dildo. She made up a story that she was shaving and they all began to fall. Luckily, her landlord bought it and actually renovated her whole restroom.

Wet And Wild

Cassandra and her ex used to get quite kinky together. One of her more embarrassing moment came about when she got the electric pads. They made the sex a whole lot more intense. The couple thought that they had found the perfect toy, but when she came, Cassandra accidentally peed all over her lap.
Thinking that it was just a one-time incident, they relived the humiliation when they used it for a
second time to the same result.

Sex toys can definitely be a doozy. But if you learned a thing or two from these stories you are safe to enjoy killer orgasms with your favorite erotic toy without worrying too much about collateral damage.

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